What Exactly is the QABC?

The Quaker Athletics Booster Club (or QABC for short) is a group of people dedicated to promoting Orchard Park athletic programs and its student-athletes.  We are made up of a group of parents whose children play(ed) on OP sports teams, students, coaches and school administrators as well as local sports enthusiasts.  

Our club has spent the last 20+ years supporting our sports programs as well as the Orchard Park Schools Physical Education Department.  We purchase equipment and other items that enhance the student-athletes' performance but are not covered by the Athletics Budget.

The Board of Directors, at-large board members, as well as our QABC members who donate money and volunteer their time, each help to make Orchard Park Quakers succeed. We  raise most of our funds through our concession stands at school sporting events, our annual Golf tournament and the annual membership drive. We also support the Orchard Park Varsity Club and work closely with the Athletic Director, coaches and administrators to make sure funds are allocated the best way possible.

Recent QABC Donations include:

- Basketball Shoot-Around Machines

- Volleyball Serving Machines 

- Pitching machine

- I-pads for swim teams

- Track Tom-Tom Watches

- OPHS  Weight Room and Fitness Equipment

- OPMS  Weight Room and Fitness  Equipment

- Golf Bags, HUDL Assist, Coaching Conferences and Clinics,

- Scrimmages for all Varsity sports teams

Board of Directors

President - Tim Fischer

Vice-President - Joanne McClintock

Treasurer - Mike Campbell

Secretary - Alex Dobosh

Purchasing Manager- Dennis Kidney

Concessions Manager - Bob Stasiak & Allyson Kirk

Membership Coordinator - Joanne McClintock

Golf Tournament Director - Jim Crowley

Social Media Director- VACANT

Varsity Club Manager - Carla Gibson

Apparel Manager-Joanne McClintock

At-Large Members

Alex Dobosh

Andy Major

Mike Burney

Tom Keane

Joe Dommer

Athletic Director - Dave Hack

Buildings & Grounds - Bill Bosinski

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